1. Choose your home carpark according to the HDB Carpark number or Condominium name. (If you would like to engage our service and your Carpark is not listed, please write to Us at hellocarwerkz@gmail.com).

  2. Choose to pay manually, or to subscribe for discount! 

  3. Click "Add to Cart".

  4. Click "Check Out" at the top right of the page.

  5. Key in your Car Model, Car Colour and Car Number Plate at the column during the Check Out process (Eg. Porsche 911, Yellow, SKA1234X)".

  6. Make the payment via our online secure payment.

  7. We will email you your car cleaning start date.

  8. Leave up both of your car front wipers during your car cleaning day.

  9. That's it! Sit back and relax!

Kindly lift up both of your car wipers during the cleaning day.

If you are staying in condominium or private property, please inform your guardhouse or management office of our arrival.