Sonax Wheel Cleaner With Acid Free

Is it safe on tyres?
Yes, it is completely safe.

Can it be used for Matt Rims?
Yes, it is PH Neutral product.

Can it be used for Chrome Rims?
Yes, it is PH Neutral product.


Sonax Air Conditioner Cleaner 

How many flavours you have?
We have 4 flavours currently, Original (Mild Mint Smell), Ocean Fresh, Apple Fresh and Green Lemon.

Can it be use for house air-con?
Yes, it depends on the room size, we recommend 2 bottles for a typical HDB living room size.

Where to position the can?
Just place it directly below the aircon vent with the aircon switch on.

How long will 1 can last after apply?
We recommend to use every 6 months once.

What is Pro-Biotic ingredient?
It mean it will get rid of the bad bacteria and leaves the good one.

What is the expiry date?
Each can will come with 5 years expiry date from date of manufacturing. 


Sonax Xtreme Spray & Seal

 What is the common practice Sonax fans used with Spray and Seal?

Sonax Fans commonly used Spray and Seal with Brilliant Shine Detailers for the best effect of paint protection.


Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer

Why is it so popular?
1 of the main reason why Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer is so popular is because they are safe on even coated cars.


Sonax Cockpit Cleaner

What is the effect after use?
The cockpit will be matt finished after used.

Isn’t gloss finished effect better?
Matt finished will not be reflective during driving, thus, it is better to be matt finished.