CARWERKZ 2 Face High Quality Super Fine and Thick Microfibre Cloth with Hanging Loop 40cm x 30cm

$6.95 $4.95

Product Description:

Washing car or any sensitive surface needs a good cloth! It has to be water adsorbing and fine enough to gently wash away dirt without scratching sensitive surface.

CarWerkz 2 face high quality super fine and thick microfibre cloth will be one of the easiest answer to your concern. It is made of very fine and thick high quality fabric microfibre cloth material. Be it your car, motorcycle or any other sensitive surface, this will work for your cleaning need.

It equips with hanging loop to easily hang your cloth anywhere you want with catching dust from the dirty floor, ensuring the best condition cloth to facilitate your cleaning process.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Super thick and fine material.
  • Super water adsorbing material!