Baseus Magnetic Airvent Mount with Cable Clip Black


Item Baseus Magnetic Airvent Mount with Cable Clip Black
Year Most Cars

Smart Phones, be it Apple iPhone, Samsung Android, Google Phone, Oppo Phones or other smart phones have become an important parts of our life, be it for personal, for work, to entertain children when they make noise, etc.

The traffic rules and laws are getting stricter in most countries, which don't allow drivers to hold the phone while driving, especially in Singapore. Thus, something handy such as this Magnetic Airvent Mount with Cable Clip comes into play. Simply slot into the car air-conditioning vent you feel more comfortable looking at during your drive, that's it!

When you drive, simply snap on your smart phones to the Strong and Powerful Rb Magnets (King of Magnets!) Air Vent Mount with the metal clips provided, and you are ready to drive away! It is easy to put on and remove your phone, no fumbling around!

It comes with cable clips at the back of this smart phones holder, better cable management and easily reach the cable anytime you need it, no more searching around!

  • Small and handy
  • Universal
  • Strong magnetic strength to hold any phones!
  • Better cable management
  • 360 adjustable angles
  • Elegant and subtle design
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