BUNDLE: Mafra Maniac Line Car Care Package (Hobbyist Intermediate MF39) PH Neutral Shampoo with Interior Cleaner Sanitiser Maintenance Kit


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Mafra Maniac Line Car Care Package (Hobbyist Intermediate MF39)

PH Neutral Shampoo with Interior Cleaner Sanitiser Maintenance Kit


  1. Maniac Line Neutral Foam Shampoo 1L
  2. Maniac Line Interior Cleaner Purifier 500ml
  3. Mafra Comfort Wash Pad (1 Piece)
  4. Mafra Flacone Detailing Dilution Bottle 500ml (1 Piece)

Brand Introduction:

Mafra, a renowned Italian Company since year 1965. The official supplier and partners of world renowned automobile most luxury sports cars such as Lamborghini and Maserati. Mafra is as well the only selected official partner with some of the most prestigious car clubs in the world, such as Supercar Owners Circle, taking care of the club member's highly sought after vintage cars to their limited edition supercars.

Whether you are a everyday commuter car owners, car maniac, car enthusiast, vintage car collectors or luxury supercar owners, with Mafra, the cosmetic for your car, you have your car care covered.

Product Description:

Maniac Line Neutral Foam Shampoo is a car shampoo with a 2in1 formula with a neutral pH ideal for frequent car washes.

The product exhibits excellent economy thanks to high dilution ratios up to 1: 400 and  excellent emollient abilities. 

The lubricating foam produced by Neutral Shampoo  encapsulates the dirt facilitating removal during the  subsequent  rinsing phase  without creating halos, streaks and without the risk of creating swirls or micro-scratches. 

Maniac Line Interior Cleaner Purifier has in fact passed the stringent international tests of virucidal and bactericidal activity carried out at independent external laboratories accredited to  ISO 17025: 2005.

Interior Cleaner Purifier from Mafra 's Maniac Line is a safe and effective car interior cleaner, which allows a triple action on the treated surface. Once applied, the product will perform a decontaminating, sanitizing and anti-odor action . It does not stress the fibers but softens them, revives the colors and does not dehydrate the skin, leaving a homogeneous finish without streaks on plastic materials. Ideal for modern cars where there is a combination of different materials such as microfiber leather, aluminum and carbon.

Mafra Comfort Microfibre Car Wash Pad is the new high quality microfiber pad with a double action.

The Comfort Pad is made up of different types of microfibre:
- Long-haired side in chenille microfibre for a deep and thorough initial wash, optimal as a first step to tackle the most stubborn dirt and remove it from small interstices and from the entire bodywork.
- Short-haired side ideal for general dirt and washing finishing, made up of thousands of fine fibers capable of retaining a large amount of water / shampoo solution.

Mafra Flacone Dilution Pet Bottle 500ml. dilution of products can become a rather complex operation: we may not have tools for the calculation and therefore we may make some errors in calculating the water and the product necessary to perform the dilution. 

Mafra has studied a Flacone Dilution bottle available in the 500ml format which shows the 6 most commonly used dilution ratios (from 1: 1 to 1:20) and allows you to quickly understand how much water to pour and how much product is needed to complete the solution. 

Diluting your products will become an easy, fast and pleasant operation!

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