BUNDLE: SONAX Car Care Package 12 (Air Care) (Air Conditioner Cleaner Original 100ml + Green Lemon 100ml)

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BUNDLE: Sonax Car Care Package 12 (Air Care)


- Sonax Car Air Conditioner Cleaner Original 100ml

- Sonax Car Air Conditioner Cleaner Green Lemon 100ml

Brand History SONAX is the market leader in car care products in Germany, and one of the leading manufacturers worldwide. The brand is represented in 100 countries around the globe. For more than 60 years, the company has been developing and manufacturing high performance car care products, to satisfy the highest requirements, in Neuburg an der Donau. Whether it’s in motorsports, in the tuning scene or in the world of classic cars: When it comes to the perfect presentation of automobiles, SONAX will always be on hand, for car fans and experts.

The air conditioning unit inside the vehicle is an ideal breeding ground for musty odours. SONAX A/C power cleaner quickly and easily cleans the air conditioner unit, the ventilation system and the vaporiser, removes unpleasant odours and brings a fresh fragrance to the interior. Especially fast and simple to apply: after just 15 minutes, and without effort, the vehicle is serviceable again.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Quick and easy in just 15 minutes!
  • Clean up aircon odour
  • Pro-Biotic formula!