BUNDLE: SONAX Car Care Package 3 (Interior Care) (Upholstery & Alcantara Cleaner + Application Sponge)

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BUNDLE: Sonax Car Care Package 3 (Interior Care)


  1. Sonax Upholstery & Alcantara Cleaner 250ml (1 bottle)
  2. Sonax Application Sponge (1 Piece)

Product Description:

Gently cleans deep into the fibres of all textiles, such as seats, upholstery, carpets, linings, roof-linings, child seats and Alcantara surfaces. Simultaneously freshens up the colours and disperses unpleasant odours, such as cigarette smoke and animal odours. Leaves a pleasant scent.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Clean carpets, upholstery, roof lining, child seat, etc.
  • Freshen up colour!
  • Eliminate unpleasant smell, cigarette odours, wet grocery odour, etc.


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