BUNDLE: SONAX Car Care Package 18 (Paintwork Care) (Xtreme Spray and Seal x2 bottles)

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 BUNDLE: Sonax Car Care Package 18 (Paintwork Care)


  1. Sonax Xtreme Spray and Seal (2 bottles)

Product Description:

With the SONAX XTREME Spray+Seal Spray-on Sealant, a complete vehicle can be lastingly sealed, protected and rendered dirt repellent in just 5 minutes during the car wash! The colour depth of the paintwork surface is enhanced in the process and a mirror shine produced and an excellent water and dirt repellent effect is produced in seconds!  AIso ideal for long lastingly sealed paintwork to freshen up the water repellent effect. Perfect for glass/ceramic coated cars as a maintenance product.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enhance paintwork colour!
  • Mirror shine effect!
  • Repel water and dirt! (hydrophobic effect!)
  • Just spray on, simple!


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