FRG Bird Dropping Remover Wipes Value Pack (6 pieces per box x 3 boxes)

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Whether you have just bought a new car or used car, black, white or any cool colour code name like BMW Monaco Blue. One of your biggest enemy is bird dropping!

Bird dropping (a.k.a. Bird Shit) is an acidic substance, if you do not clean these bird shit away immediately, it will sip into your car paint and leave a permanent mark.

It is common to have bird poo onto cars, but it is even more common to see car owners use tissue to wipe the bird dropping when they get stuck in such situation, forcing car owners to use tissue in their glove box to wipe their at least $100k car exterior paintwork, without knowing it will leave swirl mark and all the fine scratches to the car and this will eventually cost the car owners paintwork restoration, even they may have done their few hundreds dollars Paint Protection System, in short PPS.

Of course, having a bottle of water and microfibre cloth in the car for this situation is good, but let's be honest, do you want to wash your microfibre cloth full of bird shit (bacteria) and reuse again? Of course, your choice.

We introduce you our EXCLUSIVE Bird Dropping Remover Wipes, they can remove bird dropping easily, anti-bacteria and best of all safe on car paint!

They are packed individually, so it won't get dry up after you open one! It can last up to 3 years from date of manufactured in your car glove box, so you won't have to worry about bird shit or even some weird red purple berries stain your car anymore!


  • Wipe acidic bird dropping easily. 
  • Anti Bacteria.
  • Safe on car paint.
  • Individually packed, pocket size!
  • Long lasting packaging (up to 3 years from manufactured date)


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