PROSTAFF Glasias Pure Glass Element Paint Protection Glass Coating S143


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Ever fancy to have your car paintwork to look like glass like finishing showroom car? Or Paint Protection System to keep your car paint gloss and shiny?

Glasias Pure Glass Element, made by Japan, is the next generation glass coating agent. It penetrates into the painted surface to vitrify, creating the glass like surface on your car paintwork, giving you the shiny and gloss surface finishing. without deteriorate semipermanently and continue to sustain unless you scrape the surface, and by using it repeatedly many times, the vitrified layer will be kept clear forever, the car body will be hydrophobic and hard to get dirty, even if so, it get washed off easily by clear water.

On top, it has scratch eliminating effect, scratching erasing component (silicon polymer compound) creates a smoother film while filling surface scratches and car wash fine scratches or swirl.

Glasias Pure Glass Element coating agent incorporates UV absorber to prevent car paintwork deterioration cause by the ultraviolet rays.

It is very convenient because it is versatile and can be used for the entire car. The mirror body that reflects full of shine sure to fascinate you, keeping your car looks a good as showroom piece.

It packs with 2 special microfibre cloths. 


  • Convenient packed.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Paint Protection System to protect car paint.
  • High gloss and shine.
  • Hydrophobic effect to keep car cleaner than usual.


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