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Product Description:

For removing stubborn dirt contamination like tree sap, rust film, insect residues and tar spots from paintwork and glass. Cleans without scratching and is especially malleable and ergonomic in its application. Extremely durable and easy to clean due to the stable napped rubber structure.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Especially malleable and ergonomic
  • Cleans without scratching
  • For paintwork and glass surfaces

How To Apply:

Wash the vehicle. Spray a suitable cleaning/lubrication spray (e.g. SONAX Clear Glass) onto the soiled surfaces until a continuous film is formed. Applying slight pressure, guide the SONAX Clay Ball in circular movements over the dirt contamination, until it is removed. In the process, ensure that there is always lubricant film on the surface and the Clay Ball is not being moved on the dry surface. Wipe off treated areas with a clean soft cloth. Afterwards, the paintwork surface should be prepared with a polish and then sealed again. To clean, remove the clay pad and wash under running water.


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