SONAX Premium Car Spa & Coating Maintenance

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Car Type: Sedan/ Hatchback/ Stationwagon
Car Size: L
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Service Package Agreement:

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Service Package Description:

The Sonax Premium Car Spa & Coating Maintenance is perfect for car owners who demand the very best standards in the premium car wash. Starting with a delicate handwash using a pH neutral shampoo to remove surface dirt from everyday driving and followed by a light claying session to remove stubborn bonded contaminants. The rims are treated with our Sonax signature rim cleaner to remove the harshest brake dust that will unknowingly corrode the rims, making the rims looks old and dirty, which can be hard to remove eventually. This package will help to restore the rims as much as possible to its original condition. That's not it! Your car paintwork will be topped with one of the most popular Sonax product, Sonax Profiline Spray + Seal, it will be liberally applied on all surfaces to ensure the exterior is well protected for the next 2-3 months against all sorts of weather conditions thrown at the car.

For the interior, it will be given a thorough vacuum followed by a complete disinfectant wipe down to ensure you get a dust free and clean cabin for you and your loved ones. As well, all the interior and exterior glasses are also cleaned to our squeaky clean standards. After the completion of the service, you can be sure to get a clean, glossy and well protected car ready to face the harsh environment for the next 2-3 months. Our Sonax Premium Car Spa & Coating Maintenance service is also perfect for cars with paintwork that are already been glass or ceramic coated, which we strongly suggest to have this pacakge in order to maintain the coating, as Sonax Profiline Spray + Seal uniquely create and enhance the gloss, durability and hydrophobicity of the paintwork.

Service Package includes:

  • Car Wash including exterior Decontamination
  • Intensive Wheel Cleaning
  • Light Clay
  • Ceramic Sealant
  • Interior Wipe Down
  • Vacuum
  • Interior & Exterior Glass Cleaning
  • Tyre Gloss Service

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