SONAX XTREME Leather Care Milk 500ml


Product Description:

For the gentle cleaning and intensive maintenance of smooth real and synthetic leather such as e.g. car seats, motorbike leathers, shoes, furniture etc. With nurturing jojoba oil – provides agreeable smoothness without seeming slippery. The leather retains its original appearance and grip. Waterproofs and protects against renewed soiling. Comes in a practical spray bottle. Also suitable for perforated leather. With pleasant leather fragrance.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Cleans and maintains all smooth real and synthetic leather
  • Maintains the matt surfaces. Waterproofs and protects against renewed soiling
  • Also for perforated leather
  • With high quality jojoba oil
  • With UV protection

How To Apply:

  • Vacuum clean the surfaces thoroughly
  • Shake bottle before use
  • Spray SONAX XTREME Leather Care Milk onto the SONAX Microfibre Care Pad or microfiber cloth and work in evenly
  • Always treat the entire surface (e.g. car seat)
  • Repeat the application on heavily soiled surfaces
  • Allow to absorb for ca. 10 minutes