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1.1. Am I am eligible CarWerkz member?
Answer: If you have already purchased from our official website, Singapore Dollar of $60 and above, you will be automatically be eligible to be our member to enjoy discount.

1.2 What do CarWerkz member get?
Answer: CarWerkz member gets to enjoy exclusive deal and attractive discount for selected products.

1.3. I login to my CarWerkz account but discounted price is not shown, how?
Answer: That means you have not purchased more than the qualifying amount from our official website If you have already purchased for more than Singapore Dollar $60 and above from our official website, please write to us with your registered email and previous order number from us, we are more than happy to assist you.



2.1. I am from Singapore, how long is the delivery time?
Answer: Please click HERE for answer.

2.2. For international Shipping, where do you ship?
Answer: Please click HERE for answer.

2.3. Which country do you ship to?
Answer: We ship to most part of the world, please click HERE for the country list. 



3.1.1. We are Resellers/ Car Authorised Agent/ Car Parallel Importers/ Car Sales Executive/ Car Workshops, how can we get stocks from CarWerkz?
Answer: Yes, CarWerkz is currently working with many well-known Resellers and Workshops. We welcome and support resellers of any kind, write to us using the “Contact Us” to enquire, please state the following:
- Your company or workshop name;
- Your company or workshop address;
- Your name;
- Your contact number;
- The items you are interested to resell.



3.2.1. I am from one of the Facebook Car Group Club member, can I organise Group Buy for my members?
Answer: CarWerkz has done many Group Buy for various Car Club groups, we offer the most hassle free shopping process, and of course, we welcome all car groups to organise group buy to enjoy the attractive discount. Just write to us using the “Contact Us” to enquire.

3.2.2. When can I pick up my group buy order?

Answer: It depends on the stocks availability in our warehouse, we will allocate the stocks accordingly. In the event, not enough stocks to cater, the group buy stocks will be delivered on later date upon new stocks arrival. At times, new stocks shipment may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, this is unavoidable.

3.2.3. One of my member wants to cancel his/ her order from the group buy, can I cancel his/ her order?

Answer: Once Group Buy deal is confirm, regardless the reason, we do not cancel, refund nor exchange to another product.

3.2.4. Can we add you into our chat group?

Answer: Most of our products are plug and play, easy installation and most information stated on our website, product page and installation instruction page. Thus, we do not join any chat group. However, individual can message us about the product details through our official website Please take note we will only answer certain information to the group buy coordinator/ admin.



4.1. How do we communicate with you?
Answer: We have various mode of communication, the fastest way to communicate with us is private messaging through the “Message Us” from our official website, however, our main communication is via email through “Contact Us” from our official website. Alternatively, for quicker response, you may also private message us through our website



5.0.1. I don't know what is my car model, year made, code, chassis. How?
If you are interested in purchasing our products and you do not know your car model, year made, code or chassis. You may refer to your car log card or car manual. In order to double make sure our products fit your car, we welcome you to check with us via email or chat with us via "Message Us" button on our website prior to making the purchase.

5.0.2. Your products are interesting, but I do not know how exactly to install. How?
Answer: We have installation videos for some products, they can be found on our installation guide on our official website homepage. After seeing the installation videos, and you have further questions, please message us through the "Message Us" button to check with us prior to your purchase.

5.0.3. If I purchase your products, can you install for me?
Answer: Most of our products are easy to install and use, which the installation instruction videos are on our official website Of course, we provide installation for certain car models and certain products. However, most car models and products installation is chargeable, cause most of our products are easy installation with installation guide provided. You may wish to check with us for more details via "Message Us" on our official website.

5.0.4. One side of my sunshade/ rain visor flew off/ dropped off while driving. Can I ask for replacement/ exchange/ refund?

Answer: We do not replace/ exchange/ refund for any losses of any of our products.


5.1 How good is your Magnetic Sunshades?
Answer: Our products and long established reputation speaks for itself, instead of words, We let our product do the talking. Please see our product video to find out! Click HERE.

5.2 I heard that you guys customise the magnetic sunshades, can you customise for me?
Answer: Yes, we are the customiser. We can consider customising for you, please write in to us, and we will consider customising, and follow us on our Facebook CARWERKZSG for update. Click HERE for more.

5.3 I have bought your Magnetic Sunshades, but cannot fit my car. How?
Firstly, check your order if you have purchase the correct car model;

Second, check out our respective installation instruction video from homepage > Installation Guide.

Third, drive your car to us, together with the magnetic sunshades purchase with receipt, we will rectify the issue for you.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you keep your magnetic sunshades in proper condition without any damage or bend. We DO NOT provide exchange nor refund for damage or bended item.

5.4 Do you provide installation for your Magnetic Sunshades?
As most of our Magnetic Sunshades are improved design and easily install as video installation guided, we generally do not provide installation. Installation will be charged at minimum of Singapore Dollar $5.00 per car, please check with us prior letting us install for you.

Only selected car models with more complex car window structure will be installed free:
a. BMW X1 (E84)
b. BMW X1 (F48)
c. Volvo XC90

- All installations can only be done at our office during our operating hours, with receipt.
- Installation is applicable to all items, installation charge of a minimum of Singapore Dollar $5.00 applies, please check with us prior to letting us install for you.

5.5 How do I maintain the Magnetic Sunshades purchased from you?
Our Magnetic Sunshades uses quality material, they typically do not need much maintenance. However, if you wish to clean them, we suggest using only damp cloth to wipe gently. Please DO NOT use excessive and physical strength to wipe or brush the sunshades, as it may distort the fabric.

5.6 Can the Magnetic Sunshades be folded?
Answer: Yes, you may, however, we strongly recommend only the bigger piece such as the passenger row sunshades. This is because we use strong processed metal for shaping, therefore, it requires some practices in folding. However, if it is not neccessary, we recommend to keep the sunshades unfolded, as original as they are.

5.7 My car are plastic window frame, uses the metal clips. The metal clips keep dropping after a while. How?
Answer: Our metal clips use VHB (Very High Bond) double sided tapes, which meant to be used for car interior. Before sticking the metal clips, we strongly suggest customer to use alcohol swabs to clean up and wipe off the oil residue on the surface of the sticking area, after they are clean and dry, then proceed with the sticking of the metal clips.

If your country is hot and humid country, like Singapore, with the correct installation as stated above, the VHB tape may occasionally melt and drop off after a while of usage or park under extreme hot sun.

If that is so, you may change to a strong double sided tape to your preference, however, we WILL NOT be responsible for any damage done to car.


6.1 What is customised TPO Boot Tray?
Answer: Customised TPO Boot Trays are made to be fitted onto the respective car. it covers almost 99% of the surface area.

6.2 The Boot Tray received has some minor fold lines. How?
Answer: All our Boot Tray are made of quality material. The fold line will be gone through time. Alternatively, the boot tray can be flatten by placing under the sun for one to two hours, the fold line will be reduced.

6.3 How do I maintain the Boot Tray?
Answer: Our quality boot tray needs no maintenance, however, it gets dirty, bring the boot tray out, rinse with water and wipe dry will do. If you wish to kill some germs, simply place the boot tray under the sun for one to two hours before placing the boot tray back to your car trunk.



7.1 Do you provide installation for Rain Visor?
Answer: No, we do not provide installation for Rain Visor.

7.2 Is it easy to install Visor Pro Rain Visor?
Answer: Yes, most of our Visor Pro Rain Visors are using stick on method. Click HERE for the installation method.

7.3 I was try to stick the rain visor, but it does not stick on well/ or keep dropping off, how?

Answer: Before sticking on the rain visors, you need to ensure your car is clean and free from any car care, especially the area where rain visor is to be sticked on.

We strongly advice to stick on the visor, and leave the car parked for a day to ensure maximum sticking strength of the adhesive tape to your car.


8.1 How do I know my car wiper length or size?
Answer: Please refer to the chart provided. Click HERE.

8.2 How to change my wiper blade?
Answer: Changing wiper blade is fairly simple. Please find our wiper blade installation guide video on how to change your car wiper blade.

8.3 Do you help to install Wiper Blade?
Answer: No, we do not provide installing of wiper blade. However, we have the wiper blade changing guide video on our homepage, it is fairly simple!