Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q1. I am from Singapore, how long is the delivery time?
A1. Please click HERE for answer.

Q2. For international Shipping, where do you ship?
A2. Please click HERE for answer.

Q3. Which country do you ship to?
A3. We ship to most part of the world, please click HERE for the country list.


Car Group Group Buy

Q4. I am a Club member of a car group, can I organise Group Buy for my members?
A4. CarWerkz has done many Group Buy for various Car Club groups, we welcome all car groups to organise group buy to enjoy the attractive discount. Just email CarWerkz at to enquire.


Resellers/ Car Authorized Agents/ Car Parallel Importers (PI)/ Car Sales Executives/ Car Workshops

Q5. We are Resellers/ Car Authorised Agent/ Car Parallel Importers/ Car Sales Executive/ Car Workshops, how can we get stocks from CarWerkz?
A5. Yes, CarWerkz is currently working with a number of well-known Resellers and Workshops. We welcome and support resellers of any kind, write to CarWerkz at to enquire, please state the following:
- Your company or workshop name;
- Your company or workshop address;
- Your name;
- Your contact number;
- The items you are interested to resell.



Q6. How do we communicate with you?
A6. We have various mode of communication, however, our main communication is via email Alternatively, for quicker response, you may also private message us through our website