CarWerkz Sun Reflective Coating Lightweight Foldable Front Windscreen Sunshade

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Product Description:

Parking open air under hot summer days can be a real torture not only to the driver and passengers, it will also age your in car leather seat, upholstery, dashboard, etc.

CarWerkz Japan design foldable front sunshade unlike the traditional sunshades in many ways, CarWerkz front windscreen sunshade comes with silver reflective coating to reduce direct sun exposure into car. It can be folded into very small size for easy storage purpose, and it is easy to open to use when needed. It comes with centre velcro to hook onto rear mirror to ensure better holding when in use, so the fron windscreen has maximum shielding from the unbearable sun.

Available in 3 sizes:

Size M = W132cm x H71cm

Size L = W142cm x H79.5cm

Size XL = W142cm x H92cm


  • Fits closely according to the car front windscreen size
  • Does not fall off easily
  • Compact keeping size and small footprint when folded
  • Lightweight

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