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Japan TOYOTA Alphard 2002.05-2008.04 WSU40RS
Japan TOYOTA Alphard 2008.05-2014.12 WSU40RS
Japan TOYOTA Alphard 2015.01- WSU35RS
Japan TOYOTA Vellfire 2008.05-2014.12 WSU40RS
Japan TOYOTA Vellfire 2015.01-2017.12 WSU35RS
Japan TOYOTA Wish 2003.01-2005.08 WSU30RS
Japan TOYOTA Wish 2005.09-2009.03 WSU30RS
Japan TOYOTA Wish 2009.04-2017.10 WSU30RS
Japan TOYOTA Estima 2000.01-2005.12 WSU40RS
Japan TOYOTA Estima 2006.01- WSU30RS
Japan TOYOTA Caldina 2002.09-2007.06 WSU30RS
Japan TOYOTA C-HR 2016.12- WSU35RS
Japan TOYOTA Sienta 2003.09-2015.06 WSU30RS
Japan TOYOTA Harrier 2003.02-2013.11 WSU35RS
Japan TOYOTA Harrier 2012.12- WSU35RS
Japan TOYOTA Prius 2009.05-2015.11 WSU40RS
Japan TOYOTA Prius 2015.12-2017.10 WSU40RS
Japan TOYOTA Prius 2017.11- WSU40RS
Japan TOYOTA Land Cruiser 2007.09- WSU30RS
Japan TOYOTA Avanza   WSU35RS
Japan MITSUBISHI Outlander 2005.10-2012.09 WSU30RL
Japan MITSUBISHI Outlander 2005.10-2012.09 WSU30RL
Japan MITSUBISHI Outlander 2014.01- WSU30RL
Japan MITSUBISHI Pajero 2006.10-2009.06 WSU35RL
Japan MITSUBISHI Pajero 2009.07- WSU30RL
Japan MAZDA CX-5 2012.02-2017.01 WSU35RS
Japan MAZDA CX-5 2017.02- WSU35RS
Japan MAZDA CX-7 2006.12-2012.01 WSU35RS
Japan MAZDA Biante 2008.07- WSU35RS
Japan SUZUKI Swift 2003.06-2006.09 WSU30RL
Japan SUZUKI Swift 2013.03-2017.11 WSU30RS
Japan NISSAN X-Trail 2007.08-2010.06 WSU35RL
Japan NISSAN Elgrand 2002.05-2010.07 WSU35RL
Japan NISSAN Elgrand 2010.08- WSU30RL
Japan NISSAN Serena 2013.12-2016.07 WSU35RL
Japan NISSAN Serena 2016.08- WSU30RL
Japan NISSAN Tiida 2004.09-2012.06 WSU30RL
Japan NISSAN Murano 2004.09-2008.08 WSU35RL
Japan HONDA Odyssey 1999.12-2003.09 WSU30RL
Japan HONDA Odyssey 2003.10-2008.09 WSU30RL
Japan HONDA Odyssey 2008.10-2013.10 WSU30RL
Japan HONDA Odyssey 2013.11- WSU30RL
Japan HONDA CR-V 2006.10-2011.11 WSU35RL
Japan HONDA Stream 2000.10-2006.06 WSU30RL
Japan HONDA Stream 2006.07-2014.05 WSU30RL
Japan HONDA Fit 2001.06-2007.09 WSU35RL
Japan HONDA Fit 2007.10-2013.08 WSU35RL
Japan HONDA Fit 2013.09- WSU35RL
Japan SUBARU XV 2012.10-2017.04 WSU30RL
Japan SUBARU XV 2017.05- WSU30RL
Japan SUBARU Forester 2003.02-2004.12 WSU40RL
Japan SUBARU Forester 2005.01-2007.11 WSU35RL
Japan SUBARU Levorg 2014.06- WSU40RL
Japan SUBARU Legacy 2003.06-2006.04 WSU40RL
Japan SUBARU Legacy 2006.05-2009.04 WSU40RL
Japan SUBARU Legacy 2009.05-2014.09 WSU40RL
Japan SUBARU Legacy 2014.10-2016.09 WSU40RL
Japan SUBARU Legacy 2016.10- WSU40RL
Germany BMW X5 2013.11- WSU30RL
Malaysia PERODUA MYVI 2005-2016 WSU35RS
Malaysia PERODUA MYVI 2017-2019 WSU30RS
Malaysia PERODUA VIVA 2007 WSU35RS
Malaysia PERODUA AXIA 2014-2019 WSU35RS
Malaysia PERODUA KENARI 2000-2007 WSU35RS
Malaysia PERODUA ARUS 2018 WSU35RS
Malaysia PERODUA ALZA 2009-2019 WSU30RS