Magnetic Sunshades

What is Custom Magnetic Sunshades?
Custom Magnetic Sunshades is the latest sunshades which are custom to fit the respective car windows, which fits perfectly onto the car windows.

Does it help to reduce heat and UV ray?
Yes, it has been tested to reduce the heat and UV Ray. If you are using a more effective car window sun protective film (solar film), it will produce a better result in the over heat and uv ray reduction.

How is it magnetize to the window frame?
Magnets are built into the sunshades frame, creating a One Piece sunshades that can easily snap up onto your car windows.

How strong is the magnets?
We use solid permanent magnets, its magnesium force can typically last forever. If you were to drive your car till your old days, it will follow you till then.

My car windows are covered with plastic, it cannot be magnetized?
If your car has a plastic frame cover, it still can be magnetised, we will provide additional flat devices for you. This will convert your window frame to be able to use our products as per normal.