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Mafra Wheel and Tyres Cleaner

Is it safe on tyres?
Yes, it is completely safe.

Can it be used for Matt Rims?
Yes, it is PH Neutral product.

Can it be used for Chrome Rims?
Yes, it is PH Neutral product.


Mafra Odorbact Out Air Conditioner Cleaner 

How many flavours you have?
We have 1 scent type currently, Talc Fragrance (Which a little on Vanilla), Talc Fragrance comply to Italian Legislation DPGRE 5443, Object: COVID-19.

Can it be use for house air-con?
Yes, it depends on the room size, we recommend 2 bottles for a typical HDB living room size.

Where to position the can?
Just place it directly below the aircon vent with the aircon switch on.

How long will 1 can last after apply?
We recommend to use every 3 months once, depends on the human traffic.


Maniac Line Ceramic Shampoo 

What is the effect after use?
This shampoo contains SiO2 substance that creates the hydrophobic effect on your car paintwork, to repel and reduce water droplets on the car, especially during rainy days.

How do I use it?
Maniac Line Ceramic Shampoo is easy to use, simply dilute according to the ratio instructed, wash your car and rinse off. That's it! You may also visit our Youtube video for instruction, you can also learn how to use the Booster Effect from the Youtube video too!) Click HERE to learn!