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Custom Fit Magnetic Sunshades Benefits and Review

What is the real benefits of custom fit magnetic sunshades? Many may ask... Does it really work?

In the all year long hot and humid countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, or summer season in most countries like Australia, Japan, Korea, etc. It may be fun to go for summer holiday beach vacation, but the high temperature hot weather can be unbearable to many. You may drink tons of water to stay hydrated, but definitely not your car, and there is no 100 Plus or Pocari Sweat for your car.

With global warming issue, our weather will get only hotter, and we cannot be expecting the same weather we used to enjoy like before. Let alone driving or when you park your car under the hot sun.

Some key benefits you may expect:

Petrol or Diesel

When you get onto the oven-like heated parked car, the easiest way to cool down your in-car is to full blast your air-condition (aircon). Honestly, this is the quickest and most effective way to cool your in-car heat. Well, of course, you have to spend more on your petrol, or diesel for some diesel powered cars. With the magnetic sunshades on, Though it won’t make your car as cold as your ice cold beer, but it definitely lower down certain degree of temperature, without having to full blast your car air-conditioner, and long, it saves you some gas money.

Sunglare and UV Ray

The car these days has already pre-installed with pretty much a good solar film, some from the car brand factory, and it may likely be your country’s maximum solar film specification. It is not that necessary to change your car solar film, especially you are getting a brand new car. If you want to reduce sunglare and UV ray, magnetic sunshades definitely worth the consideration, a good magnetic sunshades should equip with pretty good fabric, which can reduce sunglare and harmful UV ray, it is especially more beneficial if you are driving a relative big window car like Renault Grand Scenic, Toyota Estima, Toyota Alphard, Toyota Noah, BMW X1, X3, X5, SUV, MPV, etc.


Ok, I know what you are going to say. Dark solar film! Well, if you want to spend a few hundred dollars each and every car inspection, or you only drive while the traffic police is sleeping (which very unlikely). A well fitted Magnetic Sunshades do provide a relative good privacy, with its easy installation and removable  nature, you can use it anytime or remove them anytime you want.


Are you concern about mosquitoes or flies flying into your car? Yes, we may not consider a big deal, but you won’t know until you need it, believe me. Let’s imagine this, you have your child (maybe your nephew or niece), sleeping in the car, and you need to stop by rest area along the express way. As advised always, with someone inside the car, wind down your window while the car is idling with air-conditioner switch on. Sorry, you don’t switch on air-con? Well, you wind down the window still, don’t you? With almost fully covered magnetic sunshades on the passenger windows, you can safely wind down your passenger door windows without much worries about unwanted harmful flying insects flying into your car.



Car sunshades has been around for decades, custom fitted magnetic sunshades are somewhat an improved and fuller coverage sunshades you can find in the market today. Even if your car has already installed with the world best solar film, a good magnetic sunshade can be an additional protection to you and your family. Best of all, with reasonably careful use, a good fabric material and built in magnets magnetic sunshades can last you quite a long time (maybe until you change your car, or your car die on you!). So what is $100 (thereabout) to use for that long time? Of course, nothing is made the same, just like your car and your neighbour’s car, if you want to find a reputable magnetic sunshades seller, click HERE.

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