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What is the best solar film?

What is the best solar film? This question pops up all the time in this hot sunny island, Singapore.

Well, you are not the only one with this question, practically everyone else is asking the same question, especially if you have just spent $100k on a new car. Unless, you come from a winter country and you love the Singapore hot and humid weather (not for long, trust me!)

Nowadays, be it from authorised dealer or parallel importer agent, they are offering pretty much a reasonably good car window solar film, some of the cars tinting were even done by the factory itself. Generally, they are not a bad solar film, one thing for sure is that they are legal and you can go on the road straight without worrying getting summoned by traffic police!

If you seriously want to “upgrade” your car tint, they are a few reputable brands to consider such as 3M, V-Kool, Huper Optik, etc. Or we also commonly see Rike Cool, Zen Cool, Cool This or Cool That brand. Every brand has their own technology and selling points. You won’t go too wrong with these international brands, but take note, you will probably need to compare your existing pre-installed solar film with the respective brand product range. They normally come with different tier and specifications, theoretically, the more expensive the better. No matter which brand you choose at the end, make sure you choose a legal solar film, or you may end up with trouble with either the traffic police or LTA inspection, this may cause your pocket further damage.

We have to admit, Singapore is getting hotter, solar film may not be the only solution to lower down your in-car temperature. Another solution now is to add on sunshades, and there are Magnetic Sunshades, which perfectly fitted onto car windows by the window shapes, and according to the respective car models. Magnetic Sunshades helps to lower your in-car temperature, and the best thing is, they are easy to install and removable.

At the end of the day, it depends on how deep is your pocket and how “daring” you are putting on illegal tint. As long as you are driving in Singapore, you just need to be mentally prepared for the heat, having a maximum legal specification solar film and a set of good Magnetic Sunshades will work just as fine.

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