STEP ARMOUR™ BMW X1 2009-2015 1st Generation (E84) Customised Luxury German Compact SUV 3D Car Mat

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Year Range:

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

Product Description:

What is Step Armour™ 3D Car Mat?

All Step Armour™ 3D Car Mats are designed in Singapore, according to the right hand drive vehicles.

3D means 3 Dimensional, 3D Car Mat means 3 Dimensional Car Mat. They are made and custom according to the car floor shapes and curves, giving the perfect fitting, maximum protection and offer the ultimate luxurious in-car feel.

Step Armour™ 3 Dimensional Car Mat are Heat Pressed and moulded according to the respective car, thus, they are water resistant, giving car owners the easiest solution to maintain the in-car floor mat. To maintain Step Armour™ 3D Car Mat, simply just vacuum the dust and wipe away any spilled water, that's it!

Additionally, Step Armour™ comes with subtle 3D diamond studs for better foot grip and to slow down spilled liquid from rolling around the surface of the car mat, making sure a peace of mind for car owners.


  • In-House customised and designed.
  • Perfect fitting according to car model.
  • 3D design, covering more areas.
  • Heat Pressed moulded.
  • Easy cleanliness maintenance.
  • Luxury in-car feel.
  • Better foot grip.

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