AUTOBACS Seven Japan Super Hydrophobic Mirror Coat (applicable to Car Reverse Camera)

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Product Description:

Rain can be hard to predict when we drive. When driver face a heavy downpour, all vision will be blurred and it can be dangerous to drive.

Side mirrors are critical when drivers cannot see the cars at the back, especially when they need to turn left or right turn, or even to overtake the front cars. Therefore, it is important to ensure clear view, even you meet an extreme heavy rain! Best of all, it repels even at 0km!

Autobacs Seven Japan Superhydrophobic Mirror Coat can be applied to your car reverse camera as well, even though it can be a tiny lens, but trust us, try to see your reverse car camera view after your car stormed through the heavy rain. Basically you can hardly see anything. Bet you don't want to bang your own tailgate when reversing.

Besides the long lasting solution of up to 1 month after each application, this Super hydrophobic mirror coat can repel water up to 150 degrees, in comparison to others of only 80-90 degrees, giving you a totally safe and sound driving experience every drive should have. Well, we don't call it "SUPER" for nothing!

On top, each bottle contains 100ml of specially formulated super hydrophobic solution from Japan, and it can used up to 35 mirrors. As compared to others of about 40ml, only about 14 mirrors or less, and cost more per ml.

If you still don't believe the effect, check out our product video, bet you have never seen the water can bounce off like balls!

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Made in Japan
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to apply
  • Extreme hydrophobic solutions
  • 150 degrees water repelling angle
  • Long lasting per application.
  • Up to 35 mirrors (Most valuable mirror coat available)
  • Can apply onto reverse camera lens. 


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