Autobacs Seven Japan Universal Fluorine Coated Wiper Blade with 4 Adaptors 21 inch + 21 inch (Pair Set)


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Product Description:

Yet Another quality product from Autobacs Seven Japan, long lasting and good pricing car rain wipers:

  1. Durable
  2. Less noise
  3. All seasons wipers

Best of all, this high quality wiper blade comes with four (4) adaptors, fits all cars under the same size and adaptors listed on our website


  • High quality water repelling wiping effect
  • Durable
  • Less noise and smooth
  • 4 adaptors (0001, 0002 (pre-fixed), 0003 and 0010)

Suitable Car Models:

  • Toyota Hiace 2001-2020 (KLH)
  • Toyota Hiace 1996-2006 (LH, ZH)
  • Volkswagen Beetles 2011-2020 (5C1, 5C2)
  • Volkswagen Beetles 1998-2010 (1C1, 9C1)

(Please click HERE to find out more car models)

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