Car Boot Extra Storage Velcro Organiser

Size: W40cm x H25cm

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Item Car Boot Extra Storage Velcro Organiser 40cm x 25cm

Need more storage space in your car? We often find not enough storage space in the car due to the our ever-changing of need.

Car Boot Velcro organiser will give you the additional storage space to place your additional essentials, such as car wash equipments like Meguairs, Armorall, Turtlewax, Sonax car wash, detailing products, car washing cloth, or perhaps your gym workout Adidas or Nike sneakers? Or parents simply just want to place their baby's extra Pampers, Huggies and Merries diapers to standby in the car.

It is easy to velcro on and remove! And place it anywhere you want (on velvet surface)!

It comes in 2 other sizes, 20cm x 25cm or 60cm x 25cm too!

  • Easy to stick on (Velcro stick on!)
  • Machine washable!
  • Elastic bend!
  • Create extra space!

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