CarWerkz 2 in 1 Detailing Brush (2 tips car detailing brush for cleaning aircon and small gaps)


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Product Description:

2 in 1 Detailing Brush is another "Must Have" car grooming tool, to ensure a good clean for the small gaps in the car, aircon vent, driver's console, steering wheel buttons, etc. CarWerkz 2 in 1 Detailing Brush has 2 sides, 1 side is meant to brush the round air-conditioner like Mercedes Benz aircon, or to clean the dust in between the car logo or emblem. While the flat surface with microfibre is able to dust off the small gaps in between car seats or even the narrow gap at the bottom of the front windscreen.

2 in 1 Detailing Brush may be a small little cleaning gadgets, but it is definitely your best partner if you truly care about your car.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 2 in 1 design.
  • Detachable for easy handling purpose.


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