LaboCosmetica BENEFICIA 1L (Hydro Sealant Wet Coat - Touch Free Sealant - Spray and Seal)

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Brand Introduction:

Since 1965 Mafra has the aim to enhance and protect with great passion the international automotive heritage; this is possible by applying the maximum expression of Made in Italy to cosmetics for cars.

Thanks to its manufacturer experience and its forefront Research Laboratories, Mafra combines perfectly high level quality and technology standards through artisanal production methods that allow excellent final results.

The history of Mafra has its roots in the distant half of the sixties. The entrepreneurial instincts of its founder, Gianfranco Mattioli, suggested him to transfer the principles of human cosmetics in a totally new field: so was born the famous slogan "cosmetics for your car."

What was called cosmetics at that time, is today called detailing.

This is why, from this insight and more than half a century later, his descendants have given rise to the Labocosmetica line: a great concentrated of technology, innovation and tradition dedicated to those who demand the most for treatment of his car.


Product Description


Self-activating enhancer for coating, based on polymer matrix, which kicks in upon spraying with water.
► It adheres to the surface for a long time and is resistant to acids, to alkali and to solvents.
It reduces drying times and seals without using cloths or applicators, removing the root cause of the risk of swirl formation.
Its polymer matrix quickly and easily assures to the body high protection, brightness, smoothness and lotus effect, assuring amazing beading and sheeting, plus a high hydrophobic effect.
Utmost ease of use and easy correction of detailer errors (thanks to our exclusive “I Forgive You” technology).
Thoroughly researched, developed and tested by Mafra laboratories in cooperation with the most prestigious sports car makers worldwide.

Directions For Use:

In winter time use #BENEFÌCIA pure, in summer time or with hot temperatures dilute it 1:1.

Before applying #BENEFÌCIA, ensure that the vehicle is clean and wet and the engine bonnet is not too hot; treat one panel of the vehicle at a time and rinse right away.

Spray the product from the bottom upwards from a distance of at least 60 cm, to obtain a rose that is as wide and even as possible, and then rinse.

Its strong water-repellence makes it possible to perform water film or air drying. Thanks to the same mother particle, layers of #REVÌTAX, #BENEFÌCIA, #CUPÌDO and #PERFÈCTA can be overlaid. If there are any product residues during the drying phase, remove them using our #PERFÈCTA quick detailer.

Use with wet condition after car wash. Spray wide at a distance of 40~60cmAvoid direct sunlight.

Be careful not to dry the product.

#BENEFÌCIA can be easily redressed by applying our quick detailer #PERFÉCTA.




3 TUV Certifications

Labocosmetica is the only company in the sector having 3 certifications, as below:

  1. TUV 9001 (Process and Organization)
  2. TUV 14001 (Environment Friendly)
  3. TUV 18001 (Product Security)

VDA Certification

LaboCosmetica is the first in the world to be certified from a German Bureau, declaring that the products are safe and they do not damage the surfaces.


LaboCosmetica is the only producer declaring the products are without PFAS.

What is PFAS?

PFAS is a persistent harmful chemicals exist in many products, that can lead to adverse human health effects, such as:

  • Low infant birth weights,
  • Effects on the immune system,
  • Cancer (for PFOA), and
  • Thyroid hormone disruption (for PFOS).

 (Read more on PFAS)

OMNIA 2.0 and DERMA CLEANER 2.0 Certification:

EN 1276 - Chemical disinfectants and anti-septics - Bactericidal activity

EN 13697 - Chemical disinfectants and anti-septics - Bactericidal Activity - Without mechanical action

EN 14476 - Chemical disinfectants and anti-septics - Virucidal Activity in the medical area


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