Mafra Flacone Professional Detailer Dilution Bottle 500ml (The professional groomer detailer PET bottle for the prosumer Easy mix and dilution of car care)

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Brand Introduction:

Since 1965 Mafra has the aim to enhance and protect with great passion the international automotive heritage; this is possible by applying the maximum expression of Made in Italy to cosmetics for cars.

Thanks to its manufacturer experience and its forefront Research Laboratories, Mafra combines perfectly high level quality and technology standards through artisanal production methods that allow excellent final results.

The history of Mafra has its roots in the distant half of the sixties. The entrepreneurial instincts of its founder, Gianfranco Mattioli, suggested him to transfer the principles of human cosmetics in a totally new field: so was born the famous slogan "cosmetics for your car."

What was called cosmetics at that time, is today called detailing.

This is why, from this insight and more than half a century later, his descendants have given rise to the Labocosmetica line: a great concentrated of technology, innovation and tradition dedicated to those who demand the most for treatment of his car.

Mafra Introduction - Mafra Official Store Singapore

Product Introduction:

The dilution of products can become a rather complex operation: we may not have tools for the calculation and therefore we may make some errors in calculating the water and the product necessary to perform the dilution. 

Mafra has studied a Flacone Dilution bottle available in the 500ml format which shows the 6 most commonly used dilution ratios (from 1: 1 to 1:20) and allows you to quickly understand how much water to pour and how much product is needed to complete the solution. 

Diluting your products will become an easy, fast and pleasant operation!

The photo shows the three colors of the graduated bottle.
The selling price corresponds to a single bottle .
It is not possible to choose the color of the Flacone Dilution bottle.

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