Mafra Maniac Line Ceramic Shampoo 500ml (For Super Hydrophobic SiO2 car wash)

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Brand Introduction:

Maniac Line is the Capsule Line, produced by Mafra, Made is Italy.

They are made for the enthusiasts who are genuine dissatisfied with existing products in the market, who wants a high performance, high-tech and quality product line.

Maniac respect the passion and pursue the extreme and perfect details, and always follow their passion.

For the enthusiasts, car washing is probably one the thing that gives them a sense of fulfilment in life, beyond hobby or a job.

Maniac always support the true passion!


Mafra Maniac Line Ceramic Shampoo 500ml (For Super Hydrophobic SiO2 car wash) - Maniac Line Official Store Singapore

Product Introduction:

Ceramic Shampoo from Maniac Line ™ is the Mafra product that washes, seals and protects. 

Thanks to its  3-in-1 formula  and the presence of super hydrophobic Si02 ceramic polymers it gives the treated surface a self-cleaning hydrophobic capacity that allows you to keep the car cleaner for longer. 

The product  can be used as a maintenance product,  increasing and enhancing the properties of the wax, sealant and ceramic coating previously applied to the surface.



- Hand wash with bucket :

  • Pour 4 caps of Ceramic Shampoo into a bucket of water and use as a normal shampoo;
  • Proceed by washing one panel at a time , always in the shade, with a wet vehicle and starting from the bottom up, as opposed to using a traditional shampoo;
  • Spread with a microfibre cloth or glove; 
  • Work one panel at a time , distributing the product on all components, including emblems, and details;
  • Complete the wash on the whole car and proceed with rinsing and drying with the super absorbent microfiber cloth Super Dryer;

How to increase the hydrophobic and protective performance of Ceramic Shampoo?

- With glove or micro-fiber pad:

  • Dilute the product in the proportion 1: 5 (1 part of product and 5 of water).
  • Spray the solution obtained on the same washing pad or glove
  • Wash in steps , half the vehicle at a time, avoiding letting the product dry on the bodywork;
  • Rinse;
  • Proceed with drying  with an ultra-absorbent cloth. 

- With Foam Gun technique  :

  • Pre- wash with Foam Gun Prewash;
  • Wash by hand with Neutral Foam Shampoo ;
  • Dilute Ceramic Shampoo 1: 3 (one part of product and 3 parts of water);
  • Dispense the product with foaming technique, from bottom to top;
  • Leave for 1 minute;
  • Rinse with high pressure water from top to bottom;
  • Dry with the “Super Dryer” microfibre cloth 


Make sure the vehicle surface is cold and not exposed to direct sunlight.

We suggest using the two-bucket washing method (one with the shampoo / water solution and the other with clean water only) in combination with a microfiber pad or glove like our Double Face ”. First carry out a pre-wash with our “Foam Gun Prewash” to remove the coarse dirt present on the surface and decontaminate the car with “Iron Remover”, to remove the coarse dirt and prevent the formation of micro-scratches . Carrying out this step before applying “Ceramic Shampoo” will allow greater adhesion of the SiO2 ceramic polymers to the bodywork. 

Product to be applied from the bottom up.


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