Mafra Maniac RainSpeed 100ml


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Creates a sealing coating on the windshield Resistant to washing and wiping fluids. The surface of the glass will remain smooth for a long time Beading effect. FEATURES Rain speed anti-rain glass sealant from Maniac Line creates an impenetrable shield on the windshield, resistant to washes and wiper fluids. Its self-cleaning barrier keeps the glass surface smooth, repelling water and road dirt. DESCRIPTION Rainspeed helps you while driving, maintaining a clean windshield is essential to ensure clear and unobstructed visibility while driving, thus improving road safety. The glass surface will remain smooth for a long time, protected from water and road dirt. RainSpeed forms an impenetrable shield on the windshield, resisting washes and wiper fluids. Raindrops accumulate and roll off. Rainspeed is suitable for ALL TYPES OF GLASS AND WINDOWS. METHOD OF USE Clean and decontaminate the glass from limescale using our WATER SPOT MINERAL REMOVER with the help of a microfiber pad and in severe cases, use a glass polish. In case of glass soiled by car wash wax residue, use GLASS CLEANER & DEGREASER. Spray RAIN SPEED evenly on perfectly dry glass and spread it in horizontal and vertical motions using a clean, dry microfiber cloth until the entire surface is covered Finish the treatment using a dry microfiber cloth.

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