Mafra Premium Microfibre Comfort Car Wash Pad (2 faces long and short hair microfibre for more effective car wash experience)

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Brand Introduction:

Mafra, a renowned Italian Company since year 1965. The official supplier and partners of world renowned automobile most luxury sports cars such as Lamborghini and Maserati. Mafra is as well the only selected official partner with some of the most prestigious car clubs in the world, such as Supercar Owners Circle, taking care of the club member's highly sought after vintage cars to their limited edition supercars.

Whether you are a everyday commuter car owners, car maniac, car enthusiast, vintage car collectors or luxury supercar owners, with Mafra, the cosmetic for your car, you have your car care covered.

Product Introduction:

The "Premium Microfibre Comfort Car Wash Pad " is the new high quality microfiber pad with a double action.

The Comfort Pad is made up of different types of microfibre:
- Long-haired side in chenille microfibre for a deep and thorough initial wash, optimal as a first step to tackle the most stubborn dirt and remove it from small interstices and from the entire bodywork.
Short-haired side ideal for general dirt and washing finishing, made up of thousands of fine fibers capable of retaining a large amount of water / shampoo solution.

  • High quality microfiber: captures dirt while protecting the bodywork
  • The two different sides allow for a deep and thorough cleaning
  • Easily rinsed and dries in a short time
  • It does not scratch and does not leave dark halos on the treated surfaces

How to use:

1. Rinse the car with a large jet of water to remove as much dirt as possible and prepare the surface for the next wash .

2. Use the double bucket technique : one containing only clean water, one with the water / shampoo solution.

3. Immerse the glove first in the bucket of clean water and then in the one with the water / shampoo solution .

4. The Comfort Pad must be well impregnated with solution for maximum results.

Before placing the glove on the surface, evenly drop the water / shampoo solution on the area to be treated: this will facilitate the smoothness of the Comfort Pad and increase its cleaning and safety performance.

5. Now pass the Comfort Pad with slow and regular movements without applying pressure, always starting from the top and then descending to the lower parts.

6. Proceed for small areas, taking care to regularly immerse the Comfort Pad first in the bucket containing only water (to remove dirt and contaminating particles from the Comfort Pad that could scratch the bodywork) and then immerse it in the bucket with the water / shampoo solution.

7. Repeat the operation from step 4 until the washing is complete.

8. Finally rinse with clean water and dry with a microfibre cloth.


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