Mafra Waterless 750ml(Wash and Polish without Water)


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Brand Introduction:

Since 1965 Mafra has the aim to enhance and protect with great passion the international automotive heritage; this is possible by applying the maximum expression of Made in Italy to cosmetics for cars.

Thanks to its manufacturer experience and its forefront Research Laboratories, Mafra combines perfectly high level quality and technology standards through artisanal production methods that allow excellent final results.

The history of Mafra has its roots in the distant half of the sixties. The entrepreneurial instincts of its founder, Gianfranco Mattioli, suggested him to transfer the principles of human cosmetics in a totally new field: so was born the famous slogan "cosmetics for your car."

What was called cosmetics at that time, is today called detailing.

This is why, from this insight and more than half a century later, his descendants have given rise to the Labocosmetica line: a great concentrated of technology, innovation and tradition dedicated to those who demand the most for treatment of his car.

Mafra Introduction - Mafra Official Store Singapore

Product Introduction:

WATERLESS – Wash and Polish without the use of water, the innovative product thanks to which, in a simple and fast way, the car will be clean, shiny and protected, everywhere and in complete safety, without using a single drop of water!

WATERLESS, the innovative waterless cleaner is able to perfectly clean all the external parts of the car, leaving the car shiny and protected for a long time. Applied on the bodywork, it allows you to easily and quickly detach dirt, allowing it to be removed in total safety, thanks to the lubricated anti-scratch formula. Its use is simple and allows the car to be washed anywhere, without water.

Its innovative formula allows you to clean any surface of the vehicle while giving shine and protection, always in great safety, without creating scratches and minimizing the environmental impact.

How to use Waterless

  • Spray the product evenly on the surface to be cleaned, proceeding for small portions at a time (e.g. one panel).
  • Allow the product to moisten the surface by softening the dirt.
  • Fold the clean microfiber cloth into 4 parts Pass the first side of the cloth over the surface, proceeding in one direction, gradually lifting it up during the removal of the dirt.
  • Continue the cleaning process by using a clean side of the cloth at each step.
  • At the end of cleaning, finish the surface with a new dry and clean microfiber cloth.
  • Repeat steps 1 to 6 until the entire vehicle is clean
  • To increase lubrication and obtain a better result, spray both during cleaning and finishing, a little product also on the microfiber cloth To avoid creating scratches, always use the cloth by making linear and never circular movements.
  • To complete all cleaning operations effectively and safely, it is recommended to have at least 6-10 cloths depending on the size of the car. In the presence of stratified dirt or mud, it is advisable to proceed with the classic washing to avoid the creation of marks on the paint.

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