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Product Introduction:

Mafra Maniac Line ™ Foam Gun Prewash is a powerful and safe dry and compact foam foam gun for use in the pre-wash phase. It respects the previously applied protective agents, even nanotechnology-based protective or coating. 

This product, when used in combination with a pressure washer, eliminates 90% of dirt, thus preventing swirls or micro-scratches in the subsequent washing phases.

  • FOAM: Foam Gun Prewash is a powerful foaming agent for car detailing to be used in the pre-wash phase;
  • EFFECTIVE CLEANING: thanks to its great cleaning capacities it is able to eliminate smog, road dirt, midges, organic residues of plants and birds;
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: the product can be used with a pump sprayer that launches foam. If used with a pressure washer, it eliminates 90% of dirt and avoids micro-scratches during the washing phase;
  • PERFUMED: once used, the product releases a pleasantly scented fragrance;
  • DILUTION: With Foam Gun, dilute 1: 5 in winter, dilute 1:10 in summer. With a low pressure manual pump, dilute 1:50 in winter and dilute 1: 100 in summer.

    How To Use:

    it is recommended for use through a foam gun but can be used as an excellent pre-wash with a low pressure manual pump:

    - With Foam Gun:

    • In winter dilute 1: 5 (1 part of product and 5 of water), to make a final dilution of 1:50 at the outlet;
    • In summer  dilute 1:10 (1 part of product and 10 of water), to make a final dilution of approximately 1: 110 at the outlet;
    • Apply a thick layer of foam to the vehicle;
    • Leave the product to act on the surface and wait for the foam to start falling (this may take up to 5 minutes);
    • Rinse the vehicle from top to bottom

    - With low pressure manual pump:

    • In winter,  dilute 2 caps in 1 liter of water 1:50 (1 part of product and 50 of water)
    • In summer, dilute 1 capful in a liter of water 1: 100 (1 part of product and 100 of water)
    • Dispense the product on the vehicle
    • Leave the product to act on the surface for one minute without allowing the product to dry on the bodywork;
    • Rinse the vehicle from top to bottom


    Make sure the vehicle surface is cold and the car is in the shade avoiding direct sun .

    Before using the product, in summer, rinse the vehicle to cool the surface or to remove the first part of dirt.

    The product must be dispensed from the bottom upwards . During warm seasons, work on one panel at a time to prevent the product from drying on the surface.

    It is possible to dispense the product directly on the bodywork without wetting it first, even in the presence of deeply anchored dirt such as midges and the lowest parts of the car which are always the dirtiest.

    In the presence of mud, remove it with a jet of water before dispensing the product. 

Product Introduction:

Black & Wrap Shampoo from Mafra 's Maniac Line ™ is the 2 in 1 product designed for black, film-coated or PPF cars, even with a matte finish.

The product , thanks to its formula rich in mineral sequestrants, drastically prevents the formation of limescale stains during the drying phase.

Revitalizes and rejuvenates the car paint by thoroughly eliminating the most persistent dirt.

The high lubricating property   of Black & Wrap Shampoo creates a slippery surface that allows the glove to slide without the risk of creating micro-scratches.

  • DOUBLE ACTION: Black & Wrap Shampoo from the Maniac Car Detailing Line is a 2 in 1 product that washes and protects.
  • ANTI STAIN: the product effectively and deeply removes dirt, even persistent dirt. Its innovative formula eliminates the black patina caused by dirt and contamination, restoring shine;
  • BLACK CARS: Black & Wrap Shampoo has been designed to wash and protect black cars, with films or with PPF


  • Use the two-bucket wash technique in combination with a microfiber glove;
  • Dilute 1: 300  (dilute 4 caps of product in 8L of water), the product in a bucket;
  • Use a second bucket with clean water for rinsing the glove;
  • Wash the panels starting from top to bottom with a soft sponge or
    microfibre glove  ;
  • Proceed in small areas;
  • Rinse the glove frequently to avoid swirl formation;
  • Wash the entire vehicle without letting the shampoo dry on the bodywork;
  • Rinse the vehicle with high pressure water;
  • During the drying phase, apply "Exterior Quick Detailer" on the wet surface;
  • Dry with the Super Dryer cloth.


On a particularly dirty or dull surface , pour a few drops on the damp glove and spread it on the wet vehicle. Rinse the vehicle with high pressure starting from top to bottom and finally proceed with drying using our “Super Dryer” microfibre cloth.


Complete the wash on the whole car without ever letting the shampoo dry on the bodywork . Make sure the target surface is not hot and that it is in the shade, away from direct sun.

First of all, carry out a pre-wash with "Foam Gun Prewash" to avoid the formation of micro-scratches in the subsequent washing phases.

Black & Wrap Shampoo does not contain wax , it guarantees an anti-limescale protection that allows the water to slide quickly

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