Nissan 4 Buttons Classy Range Quality Leather Key Holder


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Product Description:

Don't lose your car key! It's not cheap to replicate a new remote car key these day, so start protecting your car key.

Our simple and classy car key holder will fit perfectly and snugly to your car key, it provides full protection against scratches from external objects, especially when you hang with other keys. it comes with clasp to help you easily cling onto your belt loop, handbags or with your house keys, it prevents losing your car key.

Its premium quality leather not only ensure your car key gets protected for the longest time, its simplistic design gives the subtle and classy feel, it gives you a good feeling even before you drive.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Fit perfectly to your car key
  • Quality leather that last
  • Simple and classy
  • Clasp to hang on belt loop


Please match the shape and number of buttons of your car key with the photo provided in this listing to ensure the correct key holder selected. 


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