Razux Tricover Ceramic Coating for Motorcycle 20ml


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Description Developed to renew and protect motorcycle engines, plastics and rubber. Its SiO 2- based formulation creates a nanometric layer resistant to high temperatures. The product repels dirt, prevents premature corrosion of metals and protects plastics and rubbers with a durability of up to 2 years. NOTE: the product partially cures for 6 hours. During this period, keep the motorcycle protected from the weather. Total curing time 72h. Available in: 20ML Benefits Contains Sio2Pro – Protection for up to 2 years. How to Use 1. The surface must be clean and decontaminated. 2. Apply the product evenly with the help of a foam applicator in the case of plastic and rubber parts, or with an airbrush in the case of an engine. 3. Observe the uniformity of the part and wait at least a partial curing time of 6 hours before using the motorcycle. Dilution Ready to use. Durability 02 years. Recommendations Motorcycle engine, plastic and rubber.

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