Tsuchiya YAC Superozonizer for better air in car (Black) (Limited Edition)


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Item Superozonizer for better air in car (Black) (Limited Edition)
Suitable Cars All car types

What is Ozoniser?

An ozonizer is a device that generates ozone by charging the air with high voltage electricity. The gas is then either released into the air or water. Ozone improves the quality of indoor air by removing unpleasant odours and killing microbes.

Get a better in-car air by this Limited Edition compact plug and play Superozonizer from Japan!

This Japan Superozoniser generates ozone and deodorize the air in the car, with built-in fuse safe design, you can enjoy a better air in-car without compromising safety. Simply Plug and Play with a classy blue tint light and voila, you are ready to go!


• Generate ozone and deodorize the air in the car.
• Ozone generation amount is 0.03 ppm or less.
• Compact plug and play type.
• Built-in fuse-safe design.
• Operation can be checked with a blue tint operating light.

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