Vonixx Higicouro Leather Cleaner 500ml


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Vonixx Higicouro Leather Cleaner 500ml Higicouro safely cleans any type of leather parts such as seats, steering wheels, door panels and dashboards. It removes impurities easily, renewing the leather appearance without damaging the material. It also kills mites and bacteria. HOW TO USE: - Spray a small amount of the product on the surface. - Leave the product to act for 30 seconds. - Rub gently using a foam applicator or soft brush until the dirt is completely detached. - Remove the excess dirt with a slightly damp microfiber towel until complete cleaning. - If necessary, repeat the operation. - After the cleaning we recommend the protection of the leather with a leather conditioner or leather coating. Higicouro can be used to clean any type of leather, natural or synthetic, in vehicles, motorcycles, aircraft and boats. We do not recommend using the product on plastics.

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