Vonixx Sinergy Wheel Spray Coating 500ml

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Brand Introduction:

Vonixx, Brazil's car care brand, the largest producer of Carnauba! Vonixx cultivates, research and produces, all at the their production plant!

Since 1944, Vonixx has been cultivating and producing Carnauba trees, on a farm of 6,200 square meter in Ceara, Northeast of Brazil.

Since 2005, Vonixx entered the car care market in earnest, developed and produced in its own laboratory, to ensure the excellence and quality products. To date, Vonixx has produced more than 150 products and growing!

The main objective of Vonixx is to provide high quality and easy-to-use products at reasonable prices, such as Type 1 Carnauba Wax in most of the products!

Thus, with Vonixx dedication and commitment, it has earned more than 3,000 retailers across Brazil, and more than 30 countries reputable distributors around the world.

Vonixx Brazil Ceara History 

Product Introduction:

SINERGY WHEEL SPRAY COATING was developed to protect and give shine on wheels with protection of up to 6 months. The product brings Vonixx's exclusive nanotechnology, CARBOSILOXY, where the chemical element carbon acts in synergy with Silicon to form a resistant and super hydrophobic film. One of the differentials of this product is the size of the carbon chain, which, because it is longer, promotes resistance higher than the high temperatures that pass from braking to the wheel.

CARBOSILOXY is a nanotechnology created by Vonixx where Carbon makes a covalent chemical bonding reaction with the paint (clearcoat) and allows Silicon (SiO2) to bond to the paint by this chemical reaction and also through physical adhesion. These two types of adhesion put together make the product last so long and be so resistant.


- Up to 6 months of protection
- Very easy to apply, like a spray wax
- Very short curing time: around 1 hour
- Amazing water beading effect
- Make the wheels easy to clean
- Carbon reduces the formation of water spots on wheels
- Longer carbon chain promotes superior resistance to high temperatures
- Reduces friction and minimizes swirls and light scratches
- Can be applied on wheels with ceramic coating as a maintenance product


Ready to use.


Up to 06 months.



CARBOSILOXY is a new and exclusive technology from Vonixx where carbon acts in synergy with silicon to form a hydrophobic and resistant film, this process of adding the silicon film through carbon, we call SILITIZATION.


1- Ensure the wheel is clean and decontaminated (we recommend using Vonixx Izer Iron Remover to decontaminate the wheel
2- Spray a small amount of the product on the wheel.
3- Wipe it off using a clean and soft microfiber towel until you get the desired finish.



We do not recommend the use of the product in paints , as it can cause stains.




CAUTION! Dangerous your ingestion. Avoid prolonged contact with the skin. Wash your hands after use. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS.



Why Vonixx

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