Vonixx V-Light PRO Headlight Ceramic Coating 20ml


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Almost all vehicles manufactured today use headlights with polycarbonate lenses. This material is lightweight, impact resistant and safer than glass lenses of the past, making it an ideal choice for modern headlights. But unfortunately there is a big downside to this material: it oxidizes and turns yellow over the time when it gets exposed to UV rays. You can just polish these yellowish headlights and make them look new, but polishing alone is not enough as it does not form a protective film and after a few weeks the headlight turns yellow again. Thinking about that, Vonixx developed a solution to this problem, the V-Light. V-LIGHT is a high-performance coating specially developed for polycarbonate headlights to protect the new ones and recover those that have suffered oxidation over time. It forms a glassy and semi-flexible, clear and resistant film that also acts against UV rays. It also promotes water and dirt repellency to the headlights. FEATURES: - It can be used on headlights, taillights and even on windows and windshield for water repellency - Lasts up to 1 year on headlights and taillights - 20ml bottle yields up to 20 headlight pairs

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