Vonixx V-Plastic Ceramic Coating 20ml


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V-PLASTIC is a semi-permanent coating, developed exclusively for the treatment of plastic surfaces to renew and restore plastics for up to 2 years. It promotes UV resistance, protection, water and dirt repellency. It can also be used on new plastics to avoid material degradation and extend its life up to three times. You can apply V-PLASTIC on bumpers, trims, dashboards, door panels, vinyl wraps and more. Applicator included in the package. HOW TO USE: - Clean the plastic surface thoroughly. - Decontaminate the plastic using a surface prep (IPA) and a microfiber towel to remove any unwanted residue or excess of other products. - Apply the product evenly with the foam applicator pad (included in the package) over the entire surface. - For less shine, remove the excess with a clean and dry microfiber towel. - If necessary, apply a second coat after 3 hours of the first application. NOTE: The partial curing of the product is 6 hours. Do not wet or wash the vehicle during that period. The total curing time is 72 hours.

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