Vonixx V20 Medium-Cut Polish Compund 500ml


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V20 is a medium-cut polish that removes marks caused by the cutting step, marks caused by P2000 or finer sandpapers and light swirls. Its special formula is ideal for Asian or soft clear coats. V20 promotes a great finish on the polished part. The lubricants alow you to work on the paint for long periods without clogging it and with a low-dust generation. HOW TO USE: - Shake well before using - Clean the surface entirely - Use a dual action polisher with speed between 2000 to 4200 OPM (or 800 to 1600 rpm for rotary polisher) with a medium-cut pad - Apply enough product on the pad or paint to work in an area of 50cm x 50cm (1.6' x 1.6') - Perform polishing using moderate pressure until achieving the desired shine - If necessary, repeat the operation. The excess product can be removed with a microfiber towel

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