Who are we?
We are reputable Car Magnetic Sunshades customiser and supplier, we have done many customised quality magnetic sunshades for car groups, car enthusiast and requests.

Where are we from? 
We are a Singapore registered company and based in Singapore.

Why do you pre-order crowdfund for Magnetic Sunshades?
We have received many request to customise our quality magnetic sunshades for different car brands and car models, of course, we would love to do all car models, however, in order to prioritise the car models to customise, we therefore open crowdfunding and to prioritise the car models first reach our desire goal. First reach the goal, first do!

Do I have to pay first?
Yes, you will have to make the payment first to reserve a set.

Can I reserve without paying?
Sorry, we DO NOT accept verbal or written reservation, firstly, as we put in effort to customise, (it takes time, really!) thus, you will need to make payment first to reserve. If you are not comfortable to make the payment first, please DO NOT make the purchase, we respect your choice.

How do I know which year or generation is my car model?
We provide the year make and/or the generation and/or the model code and/or chassis code for the particular car model. If you are not sure about your car model year make, you may wish to Google for your car model year make. Especially if you have bought a second hand, third hand, so on car, please DO NOT take the year you bought your car as the year make. Please check before placing your order, as we DO NOT refund nor exchange if it is the wrong model or generation.

Can I make special request for my magnetic sunshade? 
Unfortunately, due to some technicality issue, we do not accept special request. 

Is it exactly the number of pieces of sunshades stated given?
It is typically the stated pieces given, however, as the construction of the car doors varies from car brands and car models, there may be time we separate into 2 (two) pieces or  2 (two) pieces join into 1 (one) piece. Regardless of the number of pieces given, price stated is final.

I don't see my car models in your listing, what can I do? 
Simple! Write an email to us to request! hellocarwerkz@gmail.com. Please provide the car brand, car model, year of make, chassis (if any) and your car actual photo. We may consider customising.

Once the crowdfunding reach the goal, how long will it take to customise the magnetic sunshades?
Upon reaching our desired goal for that particular car model, it will take an approximately 6 to 8 weeks for us to deliver the final product to you. You will receive an email notification when crowdfund for the particular car model is successful. We constantly measuring car models, we definitely want to deliver the final product to you earlier, if we can, however, please refrain writing to us asking "when we can deliver the final products" before the delivery timeline, as we prefer to spend more time doing the actual customising work.

What if the crowdfunding for the particular car model does not reach the goal within the stipulated time?
It depends, we may still continue to customise the magnetic sunshade for that particular model or we may drop the idea, in the event we decided not to continue customising for that particular model, we will make full refund with email notification will be sent to you, via the same payment mode you have made to us. Our decision is final.

Can I self-collect?
We do not have self collect option, however, we have Free Courier for Singapore customer only if you "Like" our Facebook Page CARWERKSG for above SGD$50 spent.

Can I cancel once I place the crowdfunding for the particular car model?
Crowdfunding items are discounted price, therefore, once the order and payment is placed, we DO NOT accept cancellation.

Can I ask for refund?
We DO NOT accept refund for whatsoever reason.

Any warranty?
We only provide warranty against manufacturing defects, you will need to write in to us at hellocarwerkz@gmail.com to inform us within 3 (three) days upon receiving your magnetic sunshades. Please attach the photo of the defect area. However, we DO NOT warranty against mishandling of our products.

Please refer to our Terms of Use.