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Step Armour 3D Car Mat

What is 3D Car Mat?
3D Car Mats are the most modern and latest car mat for car owners, they are scanned and made to fit perfectly onto the respective car.

How is it different from my current flat car mat?
Flat car mat is an old version of car mat, which does not cover the side wall of your car base, most of the time dust and particles will roll around in the car, and eventually drop to the side, which still require a good cleaning or vacuum every time you wash your car. And most of the time, the dirt and particles, especially food, will stuck in your current car mat. This will create foul smell and bad odour in the long run.

However, Step Armour 3D Car Mats are scanned with precision and made to fit, even up to the side wall, dust and particles will never drop onto the side. So, it gives a peace of mind and lesser time to maintain, most importantly, it is hygienic

Is Step Armour water resistant?
Yes, Step Armour 3D Car Mats are made of high quality synthetic leather, with the Heat Pressed Technology, Step Armour 3D Car Mats surface are water resistant.

How do I maintain Step Armour 3D Car Mats?
Step Armour 3D Car Mat does not require much maintenance, as it uses Heat Pressed Technology, the surface has no sipped through holes. So whatever dirt you see is what you get, which you can easily vacuum and wipe away the dirt.

Can I double or triple my current car mat onto Step Armour 3D Car Mat?
NO. Step Armour 3D Car Mat are crafted with precision scanning, for your safety, your current car mat CANNOT be stacked either above or under the Step Armour 3D Car Mat.

Is there anything I should take note while installing Step Armour 3D Car Mat?
First, make sure you remove all existing/ current car mats in the car. Second, once you have placed on the Step Armour 3D Car Mat onto your car, before you start your engine, test your brake, to make sure your brake can be fully depressed after you install the Step Armour 3D Car Mats.