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3M™ Car Wash & Wax cleans light dirt and dust on all exterior automotive surfaces, including glass, paint, chrome, plastic and metal. This product is excellent for use in environments or regions where water conservation is critical, as this product is intended for use without any water required.

Requires No Water 

With our 3M™ Car Wash & Wax, you can leave the hose or sprayer tucked away. That's because our foam wash and wax cleanses without the use of water, which also reduces mess. Plus, if you live in a region with water conservation policies, you can clean your car without consuming any water resources. It should be noted that this product is for light cleaning applications, not heavy-duty cleaning of mud, tar and grime.


  • Wash and wax product requires no water
  • Formula wipes away easily for a streak-free finish
  • Sprays with a uniform generous coverage
  • Easy to clean up and avoid residue from any missed spots
  • Foaming formula clings for great cleaning on vertical surfaces
  • High gloss, smooth finish beads water better than 3M™ Car Wash Soap alone.

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