BUNDLE: Mafra Car Care Package (Novice Intermediate MF13) Car Wheel Care Rims and Tyres Wash and Tyres Shine with Protectant


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Mafra Car Care Package (Novice Intermediate MF13)

Car Wheel Care Rims and Tyres Wash and Tyres Shine with Protectant


  1. Mafra Wheels and Tyres Cleaner 500ml
  2. Mafra Extreme Black 500ml
  3. Mafra Foam Pad Application Sponge 2pc pk

Brand Introduction:

Mafra, a renowned Italian Company since year 1965. The official supplier and partners of world renowned automobile most luxury sports cars such as Lamborghini and Maserati. Mafra is as well the only selected official partner with some of the most prestigious car clubs in the world, such as Supercar Owners Circle, taking care of the club member's highly sought after vintage cars to their limited edition supercars.

Whether you are a everyday commuter car owners, car maniac, car enthusiast, vintage car collectors or luxury supercar owners, with Mafra, the cosmetic for your car, you have your car care covered.

Product Description:

This innovative MAFRA RIMS AND TYRE CLEANER is ideal for cleaning the rims and tyres of your car easily, quickly and safely,protecting  them from ageing.

With its effective active foam, RIMS AND TYRE CLEANER  easily and quickly removes all kinds of dirt, without the use of  sponges or gloves. 

The deep-down cleaning guaranteed by RIMS AND TYRE CLEANER restores shine to rims and the original colour to tyres.
Its exclusive formula also prepares the tyre surface for the subsequent application of MA-FRA tyre polish.

This is one of the best car polish product from Mafra, international car wash and car detailing international supplier.

MAFRA EXTREME BLACK is the extreme black for tires, ultra bright and wet effect.

Its formula "spray and go" is fast and accurate even on low profile tires, avoiding contamination of the rims.

Thanks to its waterproof raw materials, it lasts weeks, resists to rain and washes, keeps the tires young and protected from cracking.

EXTREME BLACK is non-greasy, non-sticky, preventing the tires to turn brown as the classical products and releases a pleasant scent.

With EXTREME BLACK your tires will have a more aggressive and super sporting look that will certainly not go unnoticed.

MAFRA FOAM PAD Narrow cell foam pad for dressing, polish, wax and sealants.

Ideal for treating rubber, plastic, vinyl and leather surfaces.

Foam Pad allows a safe, uniform and delicate application of the product.

Foam pad is washable and reusable.

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