CarWerkz Big S Super Fine Microfibre Drying Cloth (Super Water Adsorbency Super Big car dryer cloth you can find)


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CarWerkz Big S Super Fine Microfibre Drying Cloth, yes, it is indeed Big S for Super, size of approximately 90cm x 60cm.

Its super fine microfibre also helps to reduce swirl and micro scratches, and it is constructed with 2 layers of the same quality microfibre cloth, so it has double the water absorbency.

its big size let you dry your car quicker without much squeezing of cloth. It is particularly simpler for higher car like SUV and MPV, this Big S Microfibre Drying Cloth can easily reach most area such as rooftop, offering much effortless drying process.

Washing and drying your car should be an enjoyable process, and let this Big S cloth helps you to achieve the happy ending.

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