Cretom Front Windscreen 99% Sun Ray Blockage Foldable Sunshade

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Parking under the hot sun and humid environment for hours not only can be killing, it also make your interior dashboard and leather upholstery car seat age faster than usual.

Traditional front windscreen sunshade not only cannot fully cover your front windscreen, its suction and material cannot withstand the heat on its own.

Cretom Japan front windscreen blocks up to 99% of the sun ray getting in to your car from your front windscreen, making sure your in-car heat reduces from its supposing extreme heat. By choosing the correct size, it can almost fully covers your car front windscreen, without jeopardising your car camera and IU. Best of all, it is easy to put up and easily fold up to compact size to store.

Cretom Japan front windscreen comes in 4 sizes, from small size to double Large.


S = H55cm x W130cm

M = H68cm x W130cm

L = H78cm x W140cm

LL = H90cm x W146cm


  • Block up to 99% sun ray.
  • Easy to put up when needed.
  • Easy storage with bag.
  • Superior material.


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