Labocosmetica 3-Stage Exterior Paint Correction Mirror Gloss Polishing with #Cupido

Car Type: Sedan Hatchback

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General Description:

Labocosmetica is a solution proudly made by the top car care manufacturer in Italy, and it is an official brand supplying to Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Lamborghini, who appreciate the true state of the art craftsmanship and quality.

Labocosmetica is only "For The Best Hands" to deliver the best craftsmanship quality in the market.

Catering to the discerning few that appreciate the mastery of auto aesthetic finish. We do not do more than one paint protection at anytime, each project is dedicated to one car and one team at anytime. We focus on elevating the quality rather than quantity.

And each paint protection is entitled to their own new set of polishing pads and microfiber cloth.

Service Description:

3-Stage Exterior is the pinnacle of paint correction that EA Detailer offer. The vehicle will undergo as many correctional stages as safely possible to achieve an as near perfect, defect free finish. This is then followed by a refining process to generate high levels of gloss and clarity. This service is aimed at customers whose paintwork is desired to be near perfect.

Armed with a full range of Labocosmetica products from #Audace, #Leafle to #Fiero, not only your paintwork would be completed to mirror finish. 3-Stage Exterior includes Engine Bay Detailing and Exhaust pipe polishing – aiming to reignite the love you have for your vehicle again

Lastly, protection applied to all painted surfaces with Labocosmetica #CUPIDO; #CUPÌDO is a unique nano-composite sealant that is good for up to 9 months. Its formula is the bridge between a nano-ceramic product and a traditional sealant. The polymeric matrix generated by #CUPÌDO has a structure comparable to a flexible elastomer that can anchor and adhere to the surface protecting it against abrasions caused by mechanical actions (washing glove) and both acid and alkaline chemical aggression.

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