Labocosmetica 3PH Car Spa Ceramic Coating Conservation

Car Type: Sedan Hatchback

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General Description:

Labocosmetica is a solution proudly made by the top car care manufacturer in Italy, and it is an official brand supplying to Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Lamborghini, who appreciate the true state of the art craftsmanship and quality.

Labocosmetica is only "For The Best Hands" to deliver the best craftsmanship quality in the market.

Catering to the discerning few that appreciate the mastery of auto aesthetic finish. We do not do more than one paint protection at anytime, each project is dedicated to one car and one team at anytime. We focus on elevating the quality rather than quantity.

And each paint protection is entitled to their own new set of polishing pads and microfiber cloth.

Service Description:

The #3PH Car Spa is created by #Labocosmetica - the pinnacle of a washing cycle that allows you to eliminate any kind of dirt, while maintaining the characteristics of the nano-ceramic protection or sealant applied in previous years, prolonging the life of the coating.


The self-cleaning system of #HPC does not allow dirt to adhere and penetrate the paint and keeping the car cleaner, more beautiful and protected for a longer time. Utilizing an armament of shampoo and engineered with a No-Touch Concept, 3PH Car Spa uses the following:

First with #PRIMUS

#PRÌMUS has a detergent power and a high degree of safety in its category. Easily removes gnats, resins, road dirt even the most stubborn, without mechanical action. #PRÌMUS is very versatile in the various dilutions of use: it cleans rims, wheel arcs and the most delicate parts of the bodywork

then with #PURIFICA

The limescale particles that are deposited on the bodywork, resulting from less than perfect drying, summer storms or acid rain, drastically reduce the beading effect: #PURIFICA solves the problem at its source, effectively yet gently dissolving and sequestering the calcium deposited on the body or residues of contamination from acid rain, thereby restoring the coating’s freshly-applied appearance.


Thirdly with #SEMPER

#SÈMPER is a neutral maintenance, super-concentrated shampoo with a high lubricating action. Featuring excellent cleaning properties and a pleasant scent, #SÈMPER is completely safe on previously applied nano-coatings and sealing treatments.


And Finally with #REVITAX

The next generation of neutral shampoo, “Wash&Coat” washes, seals, protects and extends the life of the previously applied coating. On untreated cars, it is able to assure gloss and protection, equal to nano-sealants. With excellent cleaning properties and good lubrication, it adheres and protects wonderfully, assuring extremely high beading and sheeting levels up to 4 months.

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