Mafra Deca Flash 250ml (Removes New and Old Sticker Adhesives Road Tar Stains and Stubborn Stains New Car Parrafin Wax)

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Brand Introduction:

Mafra, a renowned Italian Company since year 1965. The official supplier and partners of world renowned automobile most luxury sports cars such as Lamborghini and Maserati. Mafra is as well the only selected official partner with some of the most prestigious car clubs in the world, such as Supercar Owners Circle, taking care of the club member's highly sought after vintage cars to their limited edition supercars.

Whether you are a everyday commuter car owners, car maniac, car enthusiast, vintage car collectors or luxury supercar owners, with Mafra, the cosmetic for your car, you have your car care covered.

Product Introduction:

To effectively remove tar or glue deposits from old adhesives from the bodywork of our car, Mafra has developed a very effective and easy to use product: Deca Flash.

Tar stains, a more common drawback than it seems, in fact having to deal with tar stains with the frequent road construction sites on our roads, is unfortunately today a common problem that we face when we deal with the washing of the our car.

Another cause of frustration for many motorists or motorcyclists, are the sticky and unsightly residues due to the removal of stickers and adhesives from the bodywork.

Mafra has created the ideal product to solve both problems.

Available in a 250ml spray format, Deca Flash is a product of great ease of use, capable of quickly dissolving and eliminating any trace of tar or glue from the bodywork, even the most stubborn residues, without rubbing and without effort.

Deca Flash can be used both on metal parts and on glass and thanks to its particular formula rich in environmentally friendly active ingredients , it does not alter the treated parts.

  • Professional product
  • Practical 250ml spray format
  • Highly effective
  • Easy to use
  • Safe on treated surfaces

How To Use:
- spray the product on the glue or tar stains to be removed.
- leave it to act for a few seconds
- with a clean microfibre cloth, remove the glue or tar residues
- rinse thoroughly and finally dry with a second clean microfibre cloth
- repeat the operation on stubborn stains

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