MIX BUNDLE: Mafra Car Care Package (Hobbyist Intermediate CW19) Car Wheel Care Maniac Line Tyres and Rims Cleaning Kit


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Mafra Car Care Package (Hobbyist Intermediate CW19)

Car Wheel Care Maniac Line Tyres and Rims Cleaning Kit


  1. Maniac Line Wheel and Tyre Cleaner 1 Litre
  2. Maniac Line Iron Remover 1 Litre
  3. Carwerkz Black Knight Rim Brush

Brand Introduction:

Mafra, a renowned Italian Company since year 1965. The official supplier and partners of world renowned automobile most luxury sports cars such as Lamborghini and Maserati. Mafra is as well the only selected official partner with some of the most prestigious car clubs in the world, such as Supercar Owners Circle, taking care of the club member's highly sought after vintage cars to their limited edition supercars.

Whether you are a everyday commuter car owners, car maniac, car enthusiast, vintage car collectors or luxury supercar owners, with Mafra, the cosmetic for your car, you have your car care covered.

Product Description:

Wheel & Tire Cleaner from Mafra's Maniac Line™ is a product that effectively dissolves winter road dirt and dust from brakes , tires and the entire wheel compartment. 

The product can be applied to car rims  where brake dust accumulates. On tires, where there is the stratification of previously applied polishes and road dirt, it is possible to apply Wheel & Tire Cleaner and prepare the car rubber for the subsequent polishing or dressing phase.

Thanks to the creation of a powerful lubricated foam and the great cleaning action of the product, it can also be applied inside the wheel compartment where, very often, coarse road dirt is present. Thanks to its safety of use, it is possible to apply the product on any type of rim and on any type of tire, such as historical ones, with white bands or sports and off-road ones.

Iron Remover by Maniac Line™ is the Mafra product to remove contamination found on the rims, bodywork and windows of the car . 

The product is characterized by a deep solvent and decontaminating action and a pleasant fragrance.

Its innovative formula is characterized by a particular active principle that reacts with the ferrous contaminating particles assuming the characteristic purplish color.

Ideal product for the decontamination of all steel and light alloy rims and also on chromed and polished rims for the removal of dirt that cannot be removed with other cleaning products for rims. Iron Remover can also be applied to the most delicate surfaces.

Carwerkz Black Knight Wheel Rim Brush is made of high quality medium soft bristle. It make it easy to brush off the stubborn brake dust from wheel rims. Its slim profile not only easy to keep, with a reputable car care cleaner, this wheel rim brush can be easily slot into most rims side wall to brush off the road dirt and the stubborn brake dust from the rim side wall.

Most importantly, its full black stealth not only looks good, it ensure the brush stay presentable without the dust sticking all over.

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